Kris Mari is an NYC-based photographer and digital artist. Her portraiture and art explores empowerment through the human form. She captures moments of yearning and confidence that simmer just below the surface of her subjects. She is inspired by Gavin O’neill, who she currently assists, and Marc Lagrange.

A Wisconsin-native and NYC transplant of 10 years, Kris has been shooting since 2001. Early on in her career she was hired as a full time photographer by a popular photo boutique in Milwaukee. This was where Kris was first introduced to modeling both in front of and behind the camera. She learned how the body moves, how to nurture specific emotions from her subjects and ultimately how to create an intriguing final image. She also discovered her passion for the art of retouching. Kris’ desire to understand and master the entire portraiture process has given her a deeper understanding of her creative vision.

In 2006, Kris helped open a photography studio in the South Bronx where she was the studio manager, second photographer and retoucher. Kris worked with (or photographed) a number of celebrities during this time, including Nicki Minaj and Fabolous, as well as shooting portraits and practicing digital art. 

Kris has been on both sides of the camera. She understands how to bring out whatever emotion is needed for her client and how to make her subjects feel confident and safe. Kris is inspired by the sensuality and strength of the human form. Her style of photography embraces the mystery and power of her subjects. And she enjoys the challenge of evoking that confidence in all people, not just models. 

Kris Mari is available for commercial and editorial shoots as well as post production and retouching. And is always excited about the opportunity for projects and collaborations. 

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